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Except that instead of being or , these ties were priced at .

The next place where his mom dragged him had even more ties priced even cheaper.

Perhaps this section should be called "personal adornment" since it includes hair styles and jewelery in addition to clothing.

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Even some Indios of certain tribes in the Amazon and Aborigines in Oceania wear very little clothing but neckwear.

While it’s impossible to establish the specific time that modern man began to wrap knotted fabric around his neck, it is evident that neckwear has a tradition on a global scale and not just in the Americas and Europe.

Despite my absolute fashion stupidity, I'll try to point out a few main trends in adult fashions here. 1840's Women's fashions consisted of floor length dresses with bell-shaped skirts over many layers of thick petticoats, and very constrictive corset, giving a flattened and upward spreading bustline.

Sleeves tended to be narrow, the bodice long and tight, and almost always closing in the back.

Calvin Malvin's mother, being an antique enthusiast, loved frequenting church sales, thrift shops and especially consignment stores where top quality clothing can be found for bargain prices.

"I learned to shop in places like this from millionaires," Calvin's mother told him.

Born in Rome, 1893, Mara married a wealthy textile manufacturer in 1926. By 1940, her bold new style of ties with unusual subjects including animals, athletes, dancing girls, astrological signs, etc., with her characteristic logo of "CM" and a crown, became the rage in wealthy society circles. Which takes us to the next part of our tale-the boys' first Antique Show booth at Brimfield, MA.

In 1930, she made a bet with her husband that she could design a necktie more interesting than the bland ones he and his business associates wore every day. "I like the name of your business," a pretty middle aged woman with blonde hair said to the boys approaching their booth: "Tie One On!

For more detailed info, see the book -- if you can understand the fashion jargon! the long point and tapered scalloped bretelles of her bodice ..." or " ...

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