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Sometimes even a talented educator has to learn the hard way. She's an accomplished, National Board Certified high school English teacher, but back in 1994, she was a green rookie.

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The Spice Girls Through the Ages "In , the book," announces Geri, "[one character] takes her tampon out and puts it in the soup. (I hate to disappoint the "lucky" winner and to alert the rock-collectibles industry, but it was a fraud.) Then there are the kiss 'n' tells. And, by the Spice Girls' own estimate, in the time it has taken them to release four singles, 13 different ex-boyfriends have kissed and told to the British tabloids. In Emma's case, she has had only three boyfriends, and each of them has spilt the beans. "I'm going to get them to sign a secrecy form from now on," says Mel B. I aren't going to make a fuss about some little story that's earned him 20 grand. Well deserved, too." But you told me before that you could make that happen, but you wouldn't. When a Spice Girl goes back to her hotel room at the end of the day, tired but satisfied, she may bathe and put on a dressing gown, and she will want to put her hair up. GERI: I think that anybody who has a negative or positive view on us, that's fine. The Herberts set up a showcase to present the Spice Girls to songwriters and publishers, and the girls subsequently began writing with Stannard and Rowe (who co-wrote "Wannabe") and Eliot Kennedy (who co-wrote "Say You'll Be There"). I went through a phase where I had boyfriends, so I've kind of been-there-done-that kind of thing. They are, after all, five people for whom the possibility the game offers is redundant. This is the one part of my interview that they try to censor. "Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi," says Emma, as though she can redress the balance through product-loyal repetition.

When she was young, Mel B used to have a boogie collection behind her bunk bed. She likes to dress in Prada and Gucci, and hates the way she looks when she smiles. "We decided they were the kind of band we could have a lot of fun with," Peter Loraine, the editor, says. As in the best pop stories – the Sex Pistols', say – it is not the plans you think up that make the difference, it is how well you use the accidents. When the managers tried to tie them down to what they felt was an unacceptable contract, in October 1993, the girls walked out, paying off the managers' expenses with a loan. "We sort of worked it out how many birthdays we'd gone out on and how many Christmas presents we'd bought each other," claims Mel C. "Our ideas were flowing so fast." "They couldn't keep up with us, could they? The first managers were a father-and-son team, Bob and Chris Herbert. [] And we'd probably sell more than we do now." What's the most offensive thing that's been said about you? I got called that in one interview, and that's degrading – like a mongrel. Can you imagine a big girl who looks at herself and looks at me and thinks, "Shit, if she's getting called Podge Spice, what does that make me? "If you're feeling really crap about yourself, you have a really horrible, jealous evil streak, and it comes out in you, and you hate somebody because they're having fun." "People might just want to hate us," Mel B suggests, "to have an opinion." What do they hate about you? "Maybe because we're not the greatest singers," reasons Geri. "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, HE LOVES ME!

She is the most talkative Spice Girl and the one who is generally first to shout "girl power," the key concept in Spice Girls philosophy. Her mother, who works in a department store, is from Leeds, in the north of England. Her father is a milkman; her mother teaches martial arts. She was teased at school for that and for her nose. Her mother is a singer; her father is in the travel business. They were invented during an editorial meeting at a British teen magazine called . published the names, with an illustration of a spice rack, and they just caught on. They knew from the beginning that the managers were no good. "You know, I feel quite sorry for them, really," says Geri. "They just didn't know what to do with it." "If they'd listened to our ideas, then maybe it would have been a different story," says Mel B. That's really fucking negative and dangerous for little girls.

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So many students have stories of "bad" teachers who embarrass students in front of others.

These can be traumatizing experiences they will remember. As an ESL teacher, I often see teachers underestimate what the kids can do.

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